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6 Masses - V (4)


Standardized title 6 Masses
Scoring summary V (4)
Title on source SEX MISSE | LIBER PRIMUS MISSARUM SEX. CUM QUATUOR VOCIBUS | EX DIVERSIS AUTHORIBUS EXCELLENTISSIMIS | noviter in unum congestus. | CUM QUATUOR [printer's mark] VOCIBUS | Venetiis Apud Antonium Gardane. | M.D. XXXXIIII. | TENOR
RISM ID number 00000993104389


Total scoring S, A, T, B

Material description

Type Print
Publishing, printing and production information Venezia, Antonio Gardane, 1544
Format, extent 4 parts
Parts held S, A, T, B
Extent (parts) 24, 24, 24, 24 f.

Further information

Description summary On fol. 1v of each part book: table of contents. Five of the six Masses were also published in 1544|2. For further information, see LewisG 1988. Gardane published the following anthologies of Masses a 4: Bk. 1 (1544|1); Bk. 2 (1544|5 = 1557|1 and 1563|1); Bk. 3 (contains only Masses by Pierre Colin and is therefore not listed in RISM, Series B, but it is described in LewisG 1988); and Bk. IV (1544|3). Gardane published two anthologies of Masses a 5: 1547|3 and 1547|4.


Bibliographic reference RISM B/I , 1544|1
LewisG 1988 , no. 60
LewisG 1988 , no. 52
RISM Series B/I, 1544|1

Index terms

Subject heading Masses
Additional institution Antonio Gardano [Publisher]

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