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24 Motets - V (4)


Standardized title 24 Motets
Scoring summary V (4)
Title on source GOMBERTI EXCELLENTISSIMI, | ET INVENTIONE IN HAC ARTE FACILE | Principi, Chori CAROLI Quinti Imperatoris Magistri, | MUSICA QUATUOR VOCUM, | (vulgo MOTECTIS nuncupatur.) | Additis etiam nonnullis Excellentissimi MORALES Motectis | summo ipsius studio concinnatis, opus nunquam alias | typis excussum, ac nuper accuratissime | in lucem aeditum. | LIBER PRIMUS. | QUATUOR [printer's mark] VOCUM | Venetiis apud Hieronymum Scotum. | 1541.
RISM ID number 00000993104316


Total scoring S, A, T, B

Material description

Type Print
Publishing, printing and production information Venezia, Girolamo Scotto, 1541
Format, extent 4 parts
Parts held S, A, T, B
Extent (parts) 22, 22, 22, 22 f.

Further information

Description summary The complete title page appears only in the superius part book; the others read "NICOLAI GOMBERTI / CUM QUATUOR / VOCIBUS / LIBER PRIMUS. / ALTUS (TENOR, BASSUS) / QUATUOR [printer's mark] VOCUM / Venetiis apud Hieronymum Scotum. / 1541." On the last page of each part book: table of contents., Several versions of Gombert's first book of motets a 4 were published by Scotto and by Antonio Gardane; only 1541|4 and 1551|2 include compositions attributed to composers other than Gombert. For the relationships among these volumes, see Schmidt-GörgG 1971, BernsteinM 1998, no. 18, and CMM 6, which includes a modern edition of all the motets in 1541|4 by Gombert. For a summary of Gombert's motets a 5, see the description of 1541|3.


Bibliographic reference BernsteinM 1998 , no. 18
Schmidt-GörgG 1971
CMM 6 , vol. 5
RISM series B/I, 1541|4
A/I, G 2978; GG 2978

Index terms

Subject heading Motets
Additional institution /catalog/993104316?search_field=any_field [Publisher]

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